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Metrics tool can be used to track outcomes or outputs for a group of organizations that belong to the same coalition or association or that are funded by the same foundation or United Way.


We recommend that you create a List of the organizations or programs that are included in the group.

Then if you add organizations to the group, you can simply reload the List under Metrics and any new organizations will get added.

Category: Community Platform

The banner on the home page should be large enough that the resolution is high but not so big that loading it slows the website down substantially. If the file size is more than 1 megabyte (1,000 kb), it is probably too large.

Typical size in pixels (a measure of image width) is no more than 1080 px. Height can vary.

The density of pixels on a high resolution modern camera is often much higher than what is appropriate for the web. As a general rule, the dots per inch (dpi) should be between 72 and 96 dpi.

How can you reduce your high res photo to make it load faster? Here’s a good list of free and easy-to-use tools that you can use. Also, https://TinyJpg.com is another popular option but the free version only works for images smaller than 5 megabytes. (The paid version costs approximately $25 per year.)

Your built-in image editor — Paint 3D for Windows computer — also lets you resize an image. In that process, you can make all the necessary adjustments. Macs have similar capabilities.

Category: Community Platform

Map community assets — organizations and their programs and locations.

List the same assets.

Click on an item in a list and watch it pop up on the map.

Share goods and services

Share and sign up for volunteer activities