Practical civic transformation, one community at a time

DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative (DCTMI)

With 50+ nonprofit partners around the city, the DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative is working to create a city-wide public campaign to close the gap between the 60,000+ students who need extra academic and non-academic support and the capacity of our partners and schools to meet their needs.

Civic Leadership Fellows

The Civic Leadership Fellows Program provides an intensive semester or year-long program for undergraduate or graduate students to hone their intellectual, social/emotional and practical skills for creating a better world.

Community Platform

The Community Platform: Open & locally customized websites for adding community & neighborhood data on local assets & needs. Map, visualize, communicate, share, volunteer & much more.

Form 990 Online

Form 990 Online is a web-based system that permits nonprofit organizations and their preparers to create their IRS Form 990s online and either electronically file their return with the IRS or print it and mail it in.  The system guides the user through the sections of the form that she needs to complete, verifies the math, and imports basic information from previous returns.

Our team received a special commendation from the IRS Commissioner in 2005 for our work on the project and for our leadership in bringing electronic filing to the nonprofit sector.  In keeping with our charitable mission, we keep the system completely free for organizations with less than $100,000 in gross receipts and we have a sliding scale for larger organizations.

Besides making it easier for nonprofit organizations to complete their filing requires, the project also results in better quality and more timely information for the general public, government regulators, policymakers, charitable foundations, and all stakeholders that have an interest in understanding and supporting charitable organizations – thus strengthening the capacity of the organizations and communities they serve.  Further, the information from the IRS Form 990s is critical to our Community Platform project.

The Civic Leadership Challenge and the CivLead App

Imagine if people of good will, good health, and a measure of economic security committed themselves to 1-2 hours a WEEK of community service or civic activism and 1 hour a day for self-care or inner work to show up as the best people they can be and make a better world for all! It would create the civic transformation that we need to create more equitable, sustainable, and thriving communities for all and a stronger democracy for decades to come. Check out The Civic Leadership Challenge and the CivLead App to learn more or get involved!


Civic Fest: Get Active, Get Inspired, and Get Involved! The 3rd annual CivicFest event was held at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park in early March 2022 and combined 10 nonprofit partners, yoga, the “Vision Flags” art project; conversation; community; and the natural beauty of the park!