Practical civic transformation, one community at a time

A practical approach to transforming educational outcomes and helping to build good lives and a strong community for all.

Key Civic Leadership Project and Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative documents can be found below:


Overview Graphic
Overview (20+ pp.)
Executive summary (2 pp.)
Flow chart
DCTMI: Weighing the Evidence from the Social Sciences and Other Sources

DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative

Overview and Plan

Note: Our Baltimore project is just getting underway in 2016. The broad approach used in Washington is the same although details on the need and local resources will differ.
2-page Flyer (START HERE!)
How to Get Involved! From Tutoring & Mentoring to Civic Leadership (6-pages)
Concept paper
1-3 year plan
Logic model
Civic Imagination show
Civic Fest flyer
CivicFest concept paper

DCTMI Canvassing

Canvassing Volunteer Tip Sheet
Pocket flyer (6 per page)
Volunteer & email sign-up sheet

DCTMI: For nonprofit organizations (needs assessment, interest in partnering)

Semi-structured interview protocol for organizations

The Role of Colleges & Universities and University Students

Universities and the Community Platform (for faculty & administrators) (2015)
Civic Leadership Fellows Program flyer (2016)
Civic Leadership Program Syllabus (2016)
Marketing: Civic Leadership Fellows video & wristband: Secret Fellowship of Freedom Riding Jedi Wizards (2016)

Older material

Curriculum for "How to Build a Better World" (2009)
Student Small Groups (2009)

Other “Big Think” Documents

Creating the Social Movement We Need
Responsibility: The Organizing Principle
Leading by Example: A Vow of Moderation for Nonprofit Leaders

Community Canvassing (SWOT & Freedom Summer ’09)

Freedom Summer '09 Intro Flyer (2009)
Invitation to nonprofit organizations to participate   – Strengthening Ward One Together (SWOT)
Canvassing Survey (2011) (1 page)

Neighborhood Leadership Circles

Brochure (2013)
Videos for Starting the Conversation
Other possible models: True North Groups, Clearness Circles, Living Compass

The Community Platform

1-page flyer
Overview website
Universities and the Community Platform (for faculty & administrators) (2015)