The Civic Leadership Project

Practical Civic and Educational Transformation

Civic Leadership

It takes wisdom, compassion, courage, self-awareness, and self-discipline to be an effective leader. Learn more about our approach — servant leadership with a focus on the common good.

Civic Faith

Ultimately, if we are to build a strong democracy and thriving, sustainable and equitable communities, we need a shared civic faith.

A Holistic Approach

We all have work to do to be better human beings. This, in turn, will help us create the “beloved community” that Martin Luther King spoke about.  Systems change and personal change go hand in hand.

Build a Better World Now!

Our Programs and Projects

The nonprofit Civic Leadership Project provides a practical holistic framework for a city, state or rural community to create a civic culture that can strengthen its civic capacity — its ability to work together to solve collective problems — as well as create a more robust nonprofit sector with the giving, volunteering and sense of community responsibility needed to successfully address the educational, social, economic and environmental challenges it faces.

DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative

With 50+ partner organizations around the city, the DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative is working to create a city-wide public campaign to close the gap between the 60,000+ students who need academic and non-academic support and the capacity of our partners and schools to meet their needs.

The Community Platform

Open access & locally customized websites for adding community & neighborhood data on local assets & needs. Map, visualize, communicate, share resources, events, volunteer opportunities & more.

Form 990 Online

Form 990 Online is a web-based system that permits nonprofit organizations and their preparers to create their IRS Form 990s online and either electronically file their return with the IRS or print it and mail it in. The system guides the user through the sections of the form that she needs to complete, verifies the math, and imports basic information from previous returns. In keeping with our nonprofit mission, we keep the system completely free for organizations with less than $100,000 in gross receipts and we have a sliding scale for larger organizations.

CivLead App

Educate yourself, center yourself, take action in your everyday life, and take collective action to make a better world.  Track your progress and connect with others through the CivLead App.

Civic Fest

Get Active, Get Inspired, and Get Involved! CivicFest is held at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park and includes nonprofit partners, music, dancing, the “Vision Flags” art project; thought-provoking workshops, conversation; community; and the natural beauty of the park!

Civic Leadership Fellows/Internships

Do you want to make a difference in the world?  This is your chance!  We welcome college students to apply for our Civic Leadership Fellows program.  You’ll help make a practical difference at DCTMI, develop community organizing and leadership skills, participate in stimulating discussions, and meet cool people!


4 Years to Change our Civic Culture

The Pandemic and the 2020 elections should be a wake-up call for all of us.  Martin Luther King said, “We must either learn to live [and work] together as brothers [and sisters] or we will perish together as fools.”   These words ring very true today and the outcome for the U.S. feels uncertain if we can’t make major strides toward working together to tackle climate change, racism, financial insecurity and inequality.  Our programs are all in one way or another designed to help us as individuals and as communities get past our barriers to working together.