Practical civic transformation, one community at a time

Our Civic Leadership Fellows program syllabus provides a wealth of readings on a range of topics. You can find it under “Documents” or here.

Model Programs

We readily assume that because one program doesn’t work, all similar ones are likely to be equally unsuccessful. Yet the opposite may often be true. It’s a complex world. There are a hundred reasons why programs fail and a hundred configurations that can fail. But the point is to find the one in 100 that works and understand it.

There are a number of sites that are particularly useful:

National Issues

Global warming, terrorism, growing inequality and the loss of middle-class jobs, inter-generational poverty. What’s your issue? Is there a way to work together on the range of key issues or is our attention to limited? Part of the broader context for building leadership in communities is to build a foundation for tackling larger national issues, too.

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