Practical civic transformation, one community at a time

Engaging and Inspiring Strangers to Action

We believe that our democracy news a new “civic mindset” if we are to survive and thrive.

At the heart of this vision is the idea that we need to and CN become wiser, more compassionate, and more active in working together to make a better world — and DCTMI’s “civic canvassing” will help you develop theses and other leadership skills and the mindset you need to make a difference!


23-minute intro training video: The Art of Civic Canvassing: Why It Matters and How to Do It

DCTMI Youtube Channel has more videos on canvassers’ experiences.

Canvassing Material

“Pocket flyer” distributed by canvassers (6 per 8×11 page)

Volunteer & email sign-up sheet

Canvassing Volunteer Tip Sheet

List of DCTMI partner tutoring and mentoring organizations and schools

Additional resources

DCTMI Key Resources – http://dcTutorMentor.org/key-resources

Stop Thinking Positively! – http://alexkorbphd.com/stop-thinking-positively-2/ – Focus on the effort, not the result.  It’s good advice whether you are playing tennis or canvassing to get people involved in making a better world!